Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Palestine issue

the war involving Palestine country never have its ending even its start thousand years ago.the issues here why is it still happened till now n its like a continuous process and war seems part of Palestinian lifestyle even they them self live in depression. the thing is, their own right has been robbed by others. aren't it b like frustrating n pushing their anger n waiting for it to bluster up?
thousand years ago,Jew always claimed the Palestine land as their land n now their mission is to get back the entire Palestine land that they claimed as their land even the land r owned n originally belong to Palestine pple. the issues here that lead to he fight is like first : the characteristic of Palestine land itself which claimed by ALLAH s.w.t it is a holy land in Al-QURAN. Secondly is because the religion n believe conflict that occurs between Jews n Muslim years ago n it still ongoing without any solution .The third aspect mybe because of the zionis - us that had planned to worsen up Muslim community so that they dont tave unity among them n they will conquer the mind of Muslim pple n that wat happen nowadays..right? the jews try to get through many ways and as one of the ways is from food and Muslim daily product such as Nestle n etc. when the war in Gaza took place last 2 weeks we were trying to boicott the israel-jews product right? but some part of our Muslim community may find it hard to get rid all of these product ,believe it or not u cn still c lots of Muslim ppl still enjoying their meal at McD. so it mean here that slowly the Jews had control us,so that we cannot find any alternative ways except to use n buy their products.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


have u ever fell like a huge object falls under ur head out of a sudden or in other simple word its called stressSSSSSSSsss..hehe!!!that's what im having right now and this time,this moment n waiting it to be over.hum, bUt somehow stRess can b together with fun..haaha .its wierd isnt it?
but tHe ThINgS Is TrY To MaKe All ThE sTrESS u DeaL wIth bY tuRN It Nto SomEtHiNg tHaT ReaaLy FunnY + EnJoYaBLe WiTHit>> LoTz oF wOrK bUT I'm sTiLL ThInGKiNG.. wHiCH LEvEL I AM rIght nOW? HuRm.. BeLiVeD iT Or Not.. SoMtHinGS ThaT wE DiD sOMetImES CaN B aChIeVe bEyOnd OuR ExPeCtAtION!! hEhe..So CamMon tO aLL of My FweN>> u Can DOoooOO It!!! LetS FacE It


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

haikal SULAIMAN..

HAIKAL SUALIMAN is one of the ISRAEL planned to bulit by replacing the AL-AQSA Mosque with the HAIKAL SULAIMAN which believed as their holy place. So this is why ISRAEL keep on continiously attacking and aiming on the AL-AQSA MOSQUE.

tHeSE r sOMe iNfO aBoUT hAikAl SuLAimAn..

Haikal Sulaiman (Inggeris: Solomon's Temple, Ibrani: בית המקדש, transliterasi Beit HaMikdash), juga dikenali sebagai Rumah Agama Pertama, mengikut Kitab Bible, merupakan kuil pertama Yahudi di Jerusalem. Ia merupakan pusat tumpuan keagamaan untuk penyembahan dan pengorbanan yang dikenali sebagai korbanot dalam agama Yahudi purba. Rumah agama ini dibina pada abad ke-10 SM, tetapi kemudian dimusnahkan oleh orang Babylonia pada 586 SM. Ia dibina semula sebagai Rumah Agama Kedua dari 516 SM hingga 70 M, apabila ia dimusnahkan oleh orang Rom.
Lokasi rumah agama ini ialah di
Temple Mount, dan dinamakan sedemikian kerana dibina oleh Nabi Sulaiman a.s.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

do u knw??

do u know about the mission of Jews is to replace the holy mosque of AL-AQSA with the temple called "haikal sulieman' which to be belived as their holy worship place?


as a muslim we've seen nowdays what happend in gaza is getting more worstn worst,so what we can do,plss,boicott israel product for the sake of our muslim people in gaza. rm1 for israel product equals to 1 shot guns towards a muslim people there..so what we do for our muslim then ?